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Paste App for Mac Manage Clipboard History to Share With Friends or Another Devices
For Mac user Copy and Paste is not a big deal, Whenever you perform on Mac desktop or Laptop you really do onething, whether you need to copy text, images, documents, files and more that you will execute daily on the desktop computer. This formula is a worldwide fixed. When you use Copy and Paste the same result you will get and there are no changes in these commands. But Dmitry Obukhov’s Paste looks some changes on Mac OS X.

When you choose one single service at the time to Copy and Paste it comes easy on matter, and help you anywhere to land into the project. If you want to claim multiple section, then this normal function puts back in the folder. This is the reason the developer finds one new Paste App for Mac.

Paste serve on both at the time to the clipboard history. You can activate as default command or use Paste icon. It can display a fresh windows including all in your history. Your images will be placed in large files and the apps details.

Source: Paste for Mac   Via: idownload blog 

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