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PeerShip Is a Shipping and Delivery are Connected With Facebook Only
There are sort of apps perform shipping and delivering, if you are living in the busy city, then the idea is not useful for getting a stuff that you want to deliver all it’s about a matter of concern. Living in your home, you just want to build the cash through ordering delivery, Check the PeerShip app that you can get the offer. On the contrary, whom need that you apply as you become a delivery messenger, the app allows to deliver the wanted items, and this will make you a little amount of cash wherever you have been leading.

Installation PeerShip, the app ask you to log in with social media Facebook and ask you to verify the account with contact number. If you left any particular clothes on your regular place, or need something from them for your on the traveling and watch any forwarding the those requests on the way.

The company app sets up with a delivery request form to make the call to the PeerShiper the service that you have to pay the amount. PeerShip will be charged less than One dollar, if you make an offer to pay extra cash for making fast service then it is possible.

The real service become that you need a connection more user with your Facebook account so the local user can reach you wanting to deliver the exact time.

If you want to download PeerShip on your Android or iOS, visit to their app market.

Source: PeerShip for Android, iOS  

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