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Skype Includes Bubble Chat Design, and Big Size Animated Emoticons and Qik v1.5 New   Effect on Video Message
Getting something new from new Emoticons, it’s not a big deal for Skype user, and they are chatting instantly on the message box. But now the Skype v 5.3 brings some effects to Emoticons, because you can keep watch after updating the Skype version on your smartphone. This update gives some really nice experience while you chat on the go.

Now, the Skype brings a new bubble style of design, alike a Skype for Windows and iPhone. You can express more with a bigger size of emoticons to support emoji on Skype with typing any single word on to the chat area. All the credits go to the Android operating system.

This new update added a new way expression for you to help message through speech for a text, once it has been connected into the Android auto function. Once new message comes into your chat not allow to make an auto-scroll, and with this you can view and change your whole avatars from your group chats, try username and password everytime you leave from Skype account.

Skype’s Qik is a standalone video messaging app puts some effort through on his update. The v 1.5 presents 8 new effects this one helps you mostly the video running time. There are few options x-ray, Minecraft, and mirror. If you want to try on the iPhone or Android tap the magic wand on the app bottom viewfinder window to explore all the effects from the options.

Source: Skype for Android and iPhone    Via: Skype Blog 

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