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Todoist for iOS Brings A New Production of Plan, Organize & Execute Both on Personal and Private Tasks   on Your Smartphone/Tablets
The best to-do-list management Todoist app for iOS gets a huge new feature that wrap up for iPhone and iPad devices. The application hits a new version 10 with demands of options for plan, organize and execute for your personal and official tasks project it will take a few minutes of your intensity.

With Todoist, more than 4 million plus of users having daily on Todoist getting everything on the way. It keeps more thing to share those tasks with an average point every single day with millions of workflow.

Todoist brings all very simple features of iOS device, every single project has made for sharing that what you have done in the past and it will be live.

Here are the few advanced features that you can enjoy on your iPhone using with Todoist app:

With Intelligent input rolls out and actioned on your smartphone. Start typing the task detail like date, labels, and priorities directly into the task section – The same manner the app automatically identify all the details you have to input them all of your task, and save your time by adding details single.

There is another option  that you can click the red button to add more task to watch or workflow. If you add with faster add setting will be highlighted instantly the app bottom of your task list or project.

The app seriously makes one more method that you can leave those adding formula in the middle of the list. All you have to do index the finger use thumb to separate into the two parts then service help you more single or multiple task through the app on there. If you want to get around on your task, you can rearrange or set to the task and if you drag into two sections of sub-task and it will stay new sub-project.

To know more tweaks on Todoist app for iOS watch the video below:

The app made a remarkable update that you can create and sort out those intricate task list comes much easier. But these features knock the door only for iOS users, The app Todoist bring after the rest compatible devices near on the track including Android.

Source: Todoist for iOS, Android   Via: Todoist Blog 

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