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Color Enhancer for Chrome Extension, You Can Apply Customized Color Filter to   Enhance All Webpages
It’s not an allegation when the sites come color blindness into the counts, Now you can find one of chrome extension giving up his support.

The Google Accessibility team has been created a new extension available on the Chrome Web Store, Color Enhancer is a Chrome extension includes a customized color filter for chrome it can improve the whole color perception on the web for color blindness user into the web browser.

Once you download the Color Enhancer from Chrome.

Find the extension icon on the top right URL bar, click once RGB color (Red, Green and Blue) taste button and it’s open small setup box. The extension shows the selecting group of stars which is the best one that you need to select and adjust the slider to make some variation.

Once you are done the adjustment make conform to click “Ok“, at the same time you need to find whether it was enabled for the color filter to place all the websites. Of course, these are the one making a display to all the websites people who prefer for the sets of form color blindness. It comes you much easier finding another on your computer screen, it could uncomfortable for multiple users. Finally, if you don’t those settings from the extension, just find the check box to uncheck near to Enable.

Source: Color Enhancer for Chrome Exntension  Via: CNET

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