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Curio Express Brings Your Ideas to Fill the Space Through From Mac OS X
Zengobi’s Curio is a leading note taking app, that welcome a new Curio Express, it’s an application that carries a powerful environment for brainstorming organization, and creative exploration.

Using with Curio Express, the name itself act like a multi purpose. The app gives you a lot of room to get an ideas out, does not matter how you will do that. Whether the features add mind maps, tables, image whatever it is the Curio Express will do everything. Even the app allows you to use built-in presentation settings to view notes through the slideshow.

In the Curio Express app, you can achieve some great mind blow features, and number of tools inside the Curio Express. Additionally, it can bring text and images, use PDF tools, Audio and video files, Embedded Google Docs web views, apply embed of YouTube, Vimeo and docs. And also you can start recording both audio and video inside the Curio, and replace those files on Curio Express easily onward.

Well, If you want to share your work to anyone then you can try export which brings numerous options on Curio Express. While export you may feel through PDF, plain text, JPG and more.

At the same time Zengobi released one more app along with Curio Express, which is called Curio Reader. If you are Curio customer where you are creating a new task that you want to share someone who don’t have the application. Curio Reader is the only solution that makes every user to simple, and read only environment where they bring surfing work project, print, mail, and more.

Right now you can download the Curio Express app on Mac App Store.

Source: Curio Express for Mac App Store      Via: Zengobi Blog 

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