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Google Product Animation Policy Suspend Non-Stop Looping GIFs In the Chrome Browser
Watching a video it keeps longer to finish, but the GIF totally different you can easily gather any important message within few minutes that’s why it was built for everyone’s like. But the same time you are standing on the web page continuously your image animated non-stop looping, then you will become a tightness very faster. To put this an end, Google released a new Chrome extension that seriously taking care to stop those image animated completely, or you arranged to play only once at the time.

The chrome extension has less features in mind, you can install Animated Policy from Chrome Web Store. Once you find the extension click the icon button from the toolbar, and settle down whether you want to play image animations to run non-stop, single to play straightaway, or put permanently.
Often, the extension doesn’t involve on per-site settings or you can play as many times with image animations. At the same it meets some tweaks and tricks, so you can spend a lot more on GIFs.

Source: Animated Policy for Chrome Extension  Via: Ghacks

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