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Horizon 3: The Two In One App Fasten With Calendar and Weather On iOS
To know your weather report about your city and scheduling your meeting on the calendar it can take some time. Even you prefer this way you need to download and install apps in separate folders on your smartphone. Horizon 3 brings you solution that both apps rotate with simply to get the experience.

The app completely refurbished from the base, Kyle Rosebluth’s Applause Code made something new to feature those whoever wanting a new brand and gets from settlement to manage on their daily life.The Horizon is taking extra credits on calendar app. If you want to jump somewhere else, then you can check the weather report your nearest city or town.

Horizon 3 includes some important features which it comes absolutely free for the users. You can see the app added Natural Language event creation, and also brings Smart Search function helps to find your schedule for free of open time. Additionally, the Horizon app touched with full weather forecast, along with supporting iCloud and CalDAV calendars same like a Google. Your next and most important event highlights with Horizon Bar and also month view expose on your overview schedule.

Finally the app how it’s build his energy system through peek.

Horizon 3 comes a free version on iOS to download, but at the same time if you want to go one step forward, then you need to upgrade into the app pro, you may get some interesting that you can visit at the App Store. That’s it.

Source: Horizon 3 for iOS 

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