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Now Anyone Can Manipulate Photos, Share Easily and Protect on Storage - Bundle   App
You can check there are a huge number of apps available to store your photographs, but the same time a few apps that can give such a kind of feature on your smartphone device. This new Bundle app joining with fantastic programs so you can celebrate as much of you looking that you can bring it back through uploading the image with safe backup mode. If yours anyone has a high definition smartphone camera roll keep it always in your pocket to perform well all the time.

Invite Bundle app, it can support iOS and Android, and makes you categorize your personal sharing photos in the library section with the one who care you about or group. The app finds your all photo in a secure place through backup into the app cloud. Since this user can service through third party cloud storage Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon and more coming soon.

Bundle app never makes you slow to find every photo, because the app machine reads algorithms to know more about your settings and get you a good  photograph with faster.

This Bundle app brings a free basic level for unlimited those who handle a low range of photo images are possible that can easily share with online network or use your mobile phone devices.

Bundle app brings the price tag with the $1 per month coming soon, and $5 month plan brings your all photo backups with high definition and also added 5GB for video storage service.

Source: Bundle for Android and iOS    Via: the next web 

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