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Opera Max Is a Data Saver, Once Your Android Device Experienced With WiFi   Network
Are you willing to run your data plan from your Android mobile device through WiFi network? The new Opera Max is your choice to be with data compression option.

We all know about the best of Opera Web Browser applications supporting to search web pages, has been updated for Opera Max software for Android function, adding a new feature to access all the users directly Open WiFi network to make much faster and get more experience from the network.

The following features are the new app blocking facilities you can secure those apps not to be fallen from online network. It stops those apps without taking any permission or apps running behind the screen In order to protect the battery consumption. The app control “Blocked apps” straightaway to access from mobile and WiFi data service.

Lastly, Opera Max has been structured with Material Design along with a user interface and Navigation design and drawer are both looks familiar to use on Opera Max for Android.

Source: Opera Mac for Android 

Via: Opera 

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