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Outcast App for iOS, User Can Cast A 15 Second Live Video Stream From iPhone
Is there any app that can digest into 15 seconds, you want to be a part? You can choose Instagram, Vine or anything else in your concept.

Outcast is a new live video streaming app for iOS, but the app doesn’t follow some other apps like Persicope and Meerkat. Alternatively, it can do video broadcasting with time you can like it, the Outcast app gives a 15 second live stream. Doing this way, you can’t edit, retake, only accept 15 seconds.

In this Outcast, you only get those benefits from the app viewers like or dislike those streamed video through from Outcast. While you get more likes the more time you will earn from Outcast in the future.

 the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” – Andy Warhol

The Outcast is pointing out to create a live stream by pressing “Cast” button and your live video stream build for around the world for 15 seconds and your cast will be listed on Outcast Live 24 hour channel. If you are interested to know about this app visit to the App Store and let me know how the experience the app given to you. That’s it.

Source: Outcast for iOS

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