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Snap Me Up Is a Selfie Alarm Clock When You Wake Up the App Support for Android
This app brings an immediate action with alarm clock and Selfie picture, If you set your daily alarm clock to wake up consistently in the early morning? And you prefer to go some changes in the alarm, then Snap Me Up is an Android app bring you alarm with Selfie functionality to stop the alarm sound taking a Selfie picture of your face. All you have to do stand your face in front of your mobile camera and help you to switch on the light and the camera roll a snap. And your Selfie picture will be saved into the album, which is called “My sleepy snaps” if you want to keep private or share to someone it’s all upto you.

This app also consider with timer whether you are in the kitchen room, exercise or doing any personally and the selfie on the way with you to stop the alarm sound. One more additional features it was hidden that to awake with various images to use a daily and those pictures will be provided from gallery to on the main screen.

To function Snap Me Up, the app available on Google Play Store.

Source: Snap Me Up for Android 

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