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Spotter Is a Multiple News Aggregator That Really You Care About On Your iPhone
Now a day many apps help you to claim those important news that keeps updates sometime it’s hard to realize. On otherside every news organizations they own offering individually, you may check there are some sort of news aggregators and manual preparation services, encouraging to explore those valuable content directly to your smartphone devices.

Spotter, It’s kind of app that fulfill every aspect of news from various categories. The app involved to identify automatically those people and the companies articles on the top that you really care about. With Spotter you can search hundreds of websites daily to find the best news all your interest based. Through this you will get very special news within few seconds.

If you compare to Flipboard, Feedly news aggregators and the Spotter app designed with Natural language processing to identify those companies and people in their articles. The app brings teaching ability by swiping left or right on the particular articles, so the app learn from you.

Source: Spotter for iOS

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