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This App Bring Changes the Way You Like On Photo Sharing
There are a number of ways you can share your own photos to the worldwide, but you will not make you any limits to sharing the photos on social media. If you get the free Snaptivity for Android make you very simple and shows you quite different on the platform.

Installation Snaptivity, the app has few important function one is tap to share yourself in the photo along with camera roll. The app, it can take simply to share a photo with the global user and their moments, and also saving those past things using without camera machine of others picture. In the picture people can find and re-connect, and also the app takes instant photo sharing with the people in the picture. Make a shot, those moments with Snaptivity’s own camera app, and get the privacy tag along with sharing button to social media, whether you want to upload the photo to reach everyone. So the people can identify the picture the snap. That’s it.

Source: Snaptivity for Android

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