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This InboxVudu Extension Make You Limit A Number of Time that You Open Email   From Your Gmail Inbox

At that time, your email inbox receiving a huge number of email message on a single day, each and every time that you can’t keep fingers on the tab for those important email messages that need everyone’s awareness. Even you just have those emails for that day is most important and also very special for you.

InboxVudu is a key of Chrome Extension that helps to make summarize of your emails, now the extension available on the Chrome Web Store to support email user and stay on the top of your email messages.

The extension taking responsibility on both Gmail or Google Apps account and deelpy analyzes those email gives a full list when your email gets into the track to make an attention. The tool support only text on the time to act fast as well. If you consider those information are important for you, then make divide the content much flexible.

What you have done with your email in the past, the function you will be found. At the same time you’re InboxVudu service make email summarizes from the extension in your inbox everyday. Your extension brings on time performance so your project will be up to date.

Once you download and install InboxVudu, your account and extension will connect to show your most important emails within 10-15 minutes if you are new at this point. And you will receive a daily summary of your email To Do at the end of the day.

Source: InboxVudu for Chrome Extension 

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