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Unicorns Let You Allow to Watch Live Stream Functionality From Your iPhone Main Screen
Did you try ever before, one substance again and again to explain your friends and family person taking a full effort to solve the issue through from iPhone or iPad devices? Are you wanting to share something from your smart phone where they are not living from your nearest place? When you taking a screen capture or creating messages that you want to share with them and they are dealing very close with you, but if you are behind those situations and you are unlucky.

As far as, the iPhone taking a path, and the mobile users wanted to live stream their screen messages on the web. The team from Lookback brings those dreams that comes a phenomenon. And best to access all the features, the new app gives any iPhone using this service that comes over to the free access point.

This Unicorns are a group app that can be downloaded from their respective site, once you installed on your Mac computer support. All you have to do connected with your iPhone or iPad with clean links into the Mac device and find the stream button from the app to start view the stream message.

And the response from the app, you will receive a unique URL that can shared with single or group so your message can be reached through the stream. And also you can chat with people the function available inside the website, so you people can debate about live streaming.

To run Unicorns app, it worthable on Mac and iOS devices. If you want to know the app how it works between Mac and iOS. Click the demo video here.

Source: Unicorns for Mac    Via: BGR 

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