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Dark Sky 5 Brings Out Ultraviolet Index, Advance Notification and More

Dark Sky is a popular weather app for iOS device, adding more features through his big update let you have a brand new layout, full day weather reports, and more.

With this Dark Sky app, now you can check a beautiful timeline view so the app gives a weather report faster through the next 24 hours on each day. And you can fix, the better notifications, then you know the weather forecast of whole day alternatively just reporting upcoming rain. The new iPhone 6 and 6 plus users can accept automatically from the phone device using pressure sensor data for your nearest location. This functionality only uses that the information to transform the weather predictions.

With this update Dark Sky covered with new features adding that receive a daily notification for regular weather report, custom report for temperature and Ultraviolet Index, and helping iPad users for the Landscape mode.

Dark Sky 5 is an iOS app, when you go to download it cost $3.99 or going to update the app from your phone if comes free only for existing app customer for the iPhone and iPad devices.

Dark Sky 5 Features:

– Brand new layout, with a detailed hour-by-hour timeline for the next 24 hours (and for each of the next 7 days).

– Advanced Notifications: In addition to providing down-to-the-minute rain alerts for the next hour, you can now create custom alerts covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, precipitation, snow accumulation, wind, and more. We’ll also push severe weather alerts from the government weather service.

– A new weather reporter, so you can provide feedback on what exactly is happening out your window.

– iPhone 6 users can opt in to have their phones automatically provide us with pressure sensor data. This has the potential to dramatically improve our short-term forecasts in the future.

– Significant speed improvements when launching the app.

– UV Index. Because it’s summer, and you need to protect your delicate skin.

– Landscape on the iPad (even my wife was complaining about that one).

Source: Dark Sky for iOS 

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