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Developer Stands Behind the Camera+ App Has Released a New Vee App for iOS

Image Credit: Vee for Video

Medious own Camera+ app team has been released a new Vee for Video available on iOS. This came to achieve what the Camera+ left over the photos on the iPhone and also for Video clips.

With Vee, every feature comes in a premium app pack. Of course, the app completely design to enjoy without going look that makes everything simple when you face difficulties while doing editing those clips inside the settings. At the same time you can perform multiple video clips, and do shoot and edit on both screens, no skip.

From Vee, you can capture video a maximum resolution of 1080p HD, with 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen. And also the app manage your video frame rate when you shoot the video, if use higher than you can make slower to create a beautiful slow motion clip. This can possible with 240ps on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The app also getting more 18 live video filters, to change a possible rating that you look more feel about the video.

If you want to know the video what going to explain otherwise you skip later on. But using Vee you can include soundtrack on your video by choosing on iTunes library. And simply touching on screen manage focus and exposure tools. It can facilitate with grid and ghost settings, bring you support while shooting your image free with the lineup, so you can end the motion.

To know more about this Vee for Video, just visit to the App Store with the price rate of $1.99, to unlock more feature retro pack gives free and rest of them comes to in-app purchase. That’s it.

Source: Vee for Video for iOS

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