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Notifyer Present Unread Notification Counts On Your Android Phone App Icons
How do you know that your message notification landed on the particular app folder? This Android app has some ability to inform you once the message reach on app folder you may know easily with the counts. Actually, your Android smartphones have own potential that user can access notifications on their notification tray, but at the same time, accidentally if you miss something to do with their settings. And you want to know a number of notifications that you never open which is pending on your Android app icon. Notifyer is a Android app, displaying your unread notification counts exactly on your phone main screen.

With Notifyer Unread Count, you can bring all your notifications and presenting a number of counts on the app icons, same like iPhone device. This app suitable for Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram Viber and many apps that receive most important notification on your Android apps. If you want to perfect everything with app notification counts you have to make a suitable with notifyer widgets on your phone main screen, otherwise the app doesn’t support the regular app icon folders to enable unread counts.

Source: Notifyer Unread Counts for Android

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