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Oxynger KeyShield for Windows PC Protects Your Password and Sensitive Data From Keyloggers and Trespasser
If you want to work online with safe against hackers for personal and privately then you may go through Oxynger KeyShield where you can save the protected password and other important data from harmful programs and intruders.

Using with Oxynger KeyShield, the tool can secure keystrokes and produce powerful protection against keyloggers, hackers, those who used for hacking password, online bank details, credit card information and secret files from the users. You can enter password most safe way to purchase online products, make service on bank all you can able to surf through public desktop computer. And it keeps every department securely and privately.

It’s a best tool with 100% of protection with hook based, API, kernel/driver and hardware keyloggers. If you compare to ordinary anti- keyloggers it can secure a very few software program, but at the same time Oxynger KeyShield protect his keystrokes against software and hardware keyloggers.

Oxynger KeyShield included Features:


*Protects your passwords, credit card details, online banking information etc. from keyloggers
*Protects keystrokes from Software & Hardware Keyloggers
*Protects keystrokes from screen loggers


*Ultimate protection from hacking by keyloggers
*Securely sends keystrokes to target application
*Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive GUI


*Uses different key layouts for each user of the software to provide protection from mouse logging
*Defeats both known and unknown keyloggers
*Clipboard is not used – Defeats clipboard logging


*Supports all major web browsers
*Supports password field of almost all applications
*Works with Windows 7, Windows 8

Source: Oxynger KeyShield for Windows 

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