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Tab Number Extension Add Numbers On Front Of Each Chrome Tab

Working with dozens of tabs in chrome browser, which it comes little convenient and identifying web page on a particular tab for your most favorite title sometime it doesn’t visible on the tab and you have to move the cursor to the tab where the exact title tab was pinned. But here moving to a head the Tab Number extension help you with few features adding numbers to the tab.

The extension once installed into the chrome browser, the numbers automatically added into the opened tabs. When you open a new tab in the same section it add the next number automatically. If you close tabs in between or moving one place to another the extension automatically rearranges the numbers. And one more important thing that I have found in this extension that any new tabs and opened chrome browser or web store, these extension don’t make any changes on to you. That’s it.

Source: Tab Number for Chrome Extension

Via: ILovefreesoftware

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