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Amazon Introduce A New Cloud Drive App for iPhone & iPad Device Users

Amazon’s Cloud Drive app is now available and compatible with iOS devices. But at the same time that you have used for a long time on the web or using with desktop computer. Now, you will get more experience once you out from your computer PC, the Amazon mobile company released a new Cloud Drive continue to web, Android, Amazon app store and recently on App Store.

The app was nicely mentioned “Cloud Drive,” and the app brings folder views on your storage room. With this, you can able to send folders, view and web links files along with PDFs, spreadsheets, picture and more. These are function that you have done on Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. The app brings streaming service for stored music and videos files.

Behind the screen, the app doesn’t have much of features. It means, that you can’t find automatic sync or upload files, and there is no editing option for the files. If you want to stay a long you need to approach Amazon Cloud Drive Photos or use Prime Music apps.

Amazon Cloud Drive will you offer an unlimited feature the plan rate of $60 per year, and also you can access the unlimited photos editing option which is available under the plan of $11.99 for a twelve month of package. If you want to know more about this app, you can visit on App Store.That’s it.

Source: Amazon Cloud Drive for iOS


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