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Baidu WiFi Hotspot Turn Your Computer Into Wi-Fi Hotspot For Handy Device

Now, each and every smart phone comes with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot support to connect your nearest system device and you can easily get them to share through over the internet.

If your smartphone has some kind of service, then you will ask to know about the Windows laptops, for this Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot app is the only solution. It can perform like a built-in WiFi hotspot on your smartphone and tablet PC.

Once you turn the Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot app, it can act like an essential Wi-Fi network to connect other devices such as a smartphone and tablets. You will get an amazing feel which the laptop connects into 3G network or tethered help any other network.

While you are releasing the app, and it can detect those identities of WiFi network automatically done everything on the network. If user linked into the device the app can view from the panel, and the user doesn’t want anything from blocked items. One more interesting feature that Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot allow user to transform the files through network to connect another device. This service makes you admire whoever looking basic level of Wi-Fi management, at the same time, if you go through to a router based that may be put you in complex.

Source: Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows 

Via: the Windows Club 

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