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Bee Simply Sends Contacts From Email To Any iOS App

Sending email contacts through sharing extension that comes much easier from any iOS app, even you need to search the list of contacts or type first name of the people. From this, Bee comes to make much easier to create your favorite name list so any user can tap faster to send the email.

Once you download and install the Bee app, it helps your contacts, you can use a share extension app to tap with Bee, choose more contacts and the Bee will perform shortly all the email ID and places into the phase. Once you have done all the procedure you can miss out the app. Bee uses share extension on iOS, so you want email to send someone, just tap on Bee icon and find contacts from the email to send anyway. It’s simple to emails from the contacts from an email compose box through Notification Center.

Source: Bee for Android, iOS 

Via: Beautiful Pixel 

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