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Clavis Keyboard App Is a PC Keyboard That Turn Into Tablet Screen On Android Device

Did you feel ever before that your Tablet gets a PC like keyboard? Here’s the one that can do all functions on your tablet screen. The app offers some extra characters and some of them.

Clavis Keyboard is named to function like a PC keyboard on Tablets and the app taking full credit to use a big screen on the tablet. When you install this application on your device what you normally expect from PC keyboard, it can involve Shift, Ctrl and ALT get a special character and hotkeys for your text edits, and to bring various layouts and settings all in one place.

It will not put all end, but there a hotkeys which make more interaction to your tablet much easier. Even you can use directly to search the text from Google, send email, and open your browser in shortly all it could happen. You can bring some changes on your macros using Ctrl+ numbers.

The app brings many customization and features, adding full screen text editing, bring changes to keyboard length, and vibrate the taps when you press and more. Clavis Keyboard has multiple choice to change themes as well, and also your work will peaceful during the day and night.

Source: Clavis keyboard for Android

Via: XDA Developers

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