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Feeder 3.0 Is Now Brand New Design, Improves Editing, Autosave, And Cloud Content Services

Feeder is an OS X support to create & publish RSS and iTunes podcast feeds, has been improved into v 3.0, that brings a new design, autosave and cloud storage support, and few more. The app version 3 had editing, image preview section of the list.

The brand look Feeder comes to Mac OS X Yosemite. And also the application, it will support to markdown editing, and it will convert into HTML feed and it applies to all the function wherever it was placed. You can send them in to cloud content like iCloud and Dropbox.

In this app, ping services and blogs are togather in the new server window, that you may find and replace all the links in the feed section with Quick Look preview, and the app display the report on the Publish toolbar button, if you clicking over there the details will be functioning in the popup section.

Feeder now charges $49.99 for new incoming users, if you have already Feeder 2 then you need to pay $24.99 and it will available on official Reinvented Software site. Before you go to purchase this software pack, you can check a software for 15 day trial period on your OS X 10.10 and later on the Mac device.

Source: Feeder 3 for Mac 

Via: Reinventedsoftware

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