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GGoogle Maps Review You Visited The World Places Available In "Your Timeline"

This service is delighting – into the funny way – that you need to concern how important Google Maps that keep tracking each and every detail from the people.

Google recently announced a new feature for his Google Maps, “Your Timeline” the web app in Google Maps let you help to share all the revisited places that you have been located. It can work where you can bring those Location History within Google. With this service, if you are using Google
Photos, the options will display those images that you have taken specifically on that day, and bring back you the memories.

In this part, Your Timeline was well designed to view only – the setting will not available to share any social media or private person. You have the accessibility to control all the function where you can erase the day or clear the whole history – it comes you a free to move everything. In Your
Timeline, you can bring edit the location where you can remove or rename on to them. Your missed out fields will be staying alive once you logged in to the Google Maps. This feature will support on the computer desktop and Android devices.

Source: Google 

Via: Producthunt, the next web 

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