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Live Sketchpad Team Up With Friends And Shares Ideas With Free Voice Call From iPhone

On App Store, you may find different shapes and projects available for iPhone Device that help you to collaborate those notes along with friends and colleague, but Live Sketchpad following with variety of style to allow users to include audio files to pictures or do sketches and people can use to call from other to get reference. This app completely different that can hear those points from your coworker or friends, but the app doesn’t look automatically to make caparison notes.

Live Sketches v 1.2 Features:

1. Registration via phone number.
Existing users will need to re-register again.
2. Sending documents to other users
3. Adding multiple voice notes to your document/sketches

After installation of Live Sketches app, the app asks you to sign in. with few option the app allows you to draw or import the picture and sketch notes on the same platform. While you want to do manually to draw the image, then the app brings help menu. It can provide you cell and line grids. If you are not connected to talk with your friend something important features, the app allows you to create multiple audio notes within a type of material to send them to your friends. Som your friends can hear your message particular workspace. The app gives you call option if you both drawing or import photos on the same path you can make call each others through online by hitting the “phone” icon available at the bottom of right area on the app screen. This Live Sketches app something great that solve your drawing app function to get aid from your coworker or friends.

Source: Live Sketches for iOS 

Via: Maketecheasier

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