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Microsoft Garage Tossup App Make You Hassle Free Plan With Friends

With this app, Microsoft brings out hassle free to make a plan with friends. The Tossup app, it’s newly arrived on Android and iOS app.

Microsoft’s own fascinating Tossup app, let you allow user to skip those hassles and joining into the plans through various media function like email, SMS and social site Facebook where you can collect the chat conversations used to get all in one place.

Alternatively, Tossup allows you to invite friends from social media to make a vote on the particular place, opinion or where you want to go. The user can make the suggestion about a restaurant and the app explore those friends reviews and information. Where your friends can vote on the app preference settings and set the time.

The Tossup starts friends, yes or no counts to support a general agreement. Additionally, the app connects automatically into the calendar to add your events and schedule time along with chat space to get the best practice.

Tossup, it’s a new app from Microsoft Garage, any developers, they can share their ideas through his project. If you want to work with this app and you can download the app from Play Store or App Store.

Source: Tossup for Android, iOS

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