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Microsoft's Send Is A New "in-and-out" Email Product App For iOS

If you want to get faster and rich to reach your message, normally, we all use some top email clients. And now the Microsoft Garage released a new Send app for iOS only at the moment. The app act like email more than text message service and it will stand out from subject, and sending
straightaway to the name list.

Why this project comes from Microsoft? Because, email are comes bit heavier to handle nowadays in those modern technologies. If you want to send message to someone via email, you normally open the app and access email compose box, and enter the name into the recipient field, and make the title before that someone to get the email message.

Basically, your email account carried out a huge amount of email ID without adding mobile number that happen through logged in with your email address, and you never look these items so important, or you ask about the text message app.

That’s why Microsoft rolled out Send and explains like SMS using with email contacts, without asking any mobile number or third party app. The app doesn’t ask you any sub line, signature or salutation, the app works through opening the app. Send brings something interesting features that the app doesn’t you any phone number or IM accounts. It can find the only way that the app shows contacts and chat conversation between the people.

After reading this article, if you are interested to download the app then you need to visit to the App Store. That’s it.

Source: Send for iOS 

Via: Office Blog

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