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Newsbot Extension Instantly Recommend Your Related Articles And Follow the   Story On Email

NewsBot, this extension helps you to find related articles, among from the sort list of popular sites, but it’s not important for you all the time. The news aggregator tool includes magazines like a The Guardian, Wired, Time and many company blogs.

Once you have installed the chrome extension, the icon will sit on chrome browser so you can see it can visibly on the toolbar and presents a few options. From there you can click the option to retrieve the five news article various sites or follow the story. If you don’t want to click “Give me 5” then you may use Keyboard shortcut like Ctrl-Shift-5 to get maximum of related articles. And also you highlight the text through from the browser, using right click choose and send to NewsBot to receive an instant recommendation to get this way.

Now, you may receive a five articles that has been retrieved from various of sites to place as notifications. There you may find thumbnail image with the title and the source name. While clicking any of the title article it will open the news article in new chrome windows.

NewsBot has put his users follow settings when you add email to verify the account, the bot will keep posting your email address.

Note: While highlight the text words the page it will work for you. If you didn’t consider about the text selecting the extension doesn’t support you. And one more thing you can choose enough text, the bot allows a maximum of 25, if exceeded then you will get an error message. That’s it.

Source: NewsBot for Chrome Extension 

Via: Ghacks 

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