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Vole Magic Note Integrates Multimedia Notes With Picture, Video And Daily Events

Generally, we have never exercised to create notes on our computer. And the reason that the device includes such a huge amount of operating features available on the PCs. The system can provide to built a plain text notes only. Anyway, finding a new path to add bunches of extra features, Vole Magic Note, lets you allow to create a staggering amount of multimedia included with pictures, audio, video and documents and connected into the web.

If you are browsing those notes, the media player support to view all kinds of multimedia files and documents which it comes to built-in Media Player.

Vole Magic Note uses Unique technology that creates daily notes. Rich Text Note involved changing those text, font, color, size and more. Another end Magic Touch is a SanWhole unique technology bring you rich text line, events reminder, mood, timer etc.

You will never miss that event which remind you through your daily notes, after that you never miss out in complicated days. It has one time alert and circulate alert supporting into the event type and you can find the schedule time to remind the event. Key Manager will keep all of kind of registration they are Name, password, website, you last session that you attempt the login features etc. Vole Magic Note help you to search the result on parallel windows screen and it will not disturb you when you are workspace.

Using with Music Mate, you can create and export the full length of size artworks and sync lyrics screen while you on the go listening to your favorite music, It comes much easier that comparing to Windows Media Player and Apple own’s iTune. It has a countdown timer, pressing one key you countdown will start with 5, 10, 15, 20 and few. In between you can make intervals or set different value. Once you reach the timer click to stop timer otherwise the timer will be keep going on. In this application, you can set a six different of themes available your choice, so you can put some rest to your eyes.

Source: Vole Magic Notes

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