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Your Xperia Android Phone Now Tunes Live Stream Play Games Into Twitch

The live streaming video mobile gamer Twitch now collaborated with the Sony company to release a new Live screen stream Android app to play video mobile games to run on its game platform. But the developer reported that Sony Xperia’s a very few mobile devices are supported at the moment.

The app now enables Sony Experia’s Z3+, Z4, Z4v, and Z4 Tablets, to share live stream games with the connection of Twitch or YouTube networks.

First of all, you can bring any other apps to stream or function, it on your device screen. The live Streaming game on your mobile app that display your online user and their comments. You can also save those live stream game parts on your system device alternatively that broadcasting through
from the app.

Sony’s Live screen streaming game that share a direct video play service. The app was connected into Twitch and YouTube that was given by Sony mobile communication. Now the app available on Google Play Store for free download.

Source: Live screen stream  Via: Sony mobile blogs

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