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Status Board Modifies Your iPad With Full of Dashboard Information

For changes if you have an iPad that uses most of your office work, you choose because of the big screen display that you want to fit and watch your work place. With Status Board for iPad, it creates from goofy to attractive layout along with newly arrived boards of data that you most wishes to you.

The app comes with the freedom to create a single boards, Whether you need to set unlimited boards on iPad you need to upgrade and you will get a maximum of six additional panels. They are Clock, Calendar, Weather, Mail, Twitter, and RSS Feeds. You can meet a daily requirement of email service and other social notifications from your companies and for this to access free package is enough for you.

Status Board makes a new update v 2.0 added a new feature, and the next v 2.0.5 has made a some fixes.

Status Board 2 is a new, free update! In 2.0.5, we made some nice fixes:

• Eliminates a possible crash when entering Edit mode
• Improved overall stability of Photos panels
• Improved icon detection for News Feed sources
• Fixed an issue with some default News Feed sources

And what about version 2.0, the big one? So much new stuff:

NEW UI. A new font, new icons, and a new, sleek, streamlined appearance.
• MULTIPLE BOARDS. As many as you want! Swipe left or right to switch boards, or use our custom transitions and delays to cycle
through them automatically.
Photo Album: automatically cycles through photos in an album of your choice
Countdown: to a date of your choice. (Or, count-up from a date that’s already happened!)
Text: Easily specify any text on a board. Or, create labels.
• PUBLISH & SUBSCRIBE. Share live links to boards, so the same board can be viewed across your entire organization and will
update automatically when you make changes. Or, share your boards with your friends.
• WALLPAPER. Nice new backgrounds beyond black. Or, add your own, and fully brand your board.
• HD-OUT. Output specially-formatted HDTV-native boards. It’s built-in and free for everyone.
• LOTS MORE. Tons of fixes and improvements everywhere.

This FREE update took longer than we wanted, which never feels great, but we’re extremely proud to finally get it into your hands.
We’d love to see what boards you create — e-mail us anytime with photos!

Status Board 1.0 owners get the “Expansion Pack” panels FREE OF CHARGE. They should be automatically unlocked on launch. It’s
our gift to you for your support!

There is in-app purchase available to get more than six powerful panels, which are they JSON and CSV data make you more beautiful, build your panel with the nice HTML code, your photos are now coming into iPad’s Photo app, Countdown and Text are most common to use daily. To build a beautiful Dashboard panels you can use Drag and Drop settings, auto rotate, add fancy wallpaper, and publish or subscribe automatically.

Source: Status Board for iOS Via: Guidingtech 

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