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Twitter's Vine Introduce "Snap to Beat" Make Perfect A New Music Looping Video

Vine introducing a new functionality is called “Snap to beat” music tool for looping video that works and specially designed for the same network.

One of the biggest trend on Vine app, that post to loop with sound, and these are the master creation of art that never ends the music loops and you can’t identify which position is start and end. Now, you can bring a perfect solution with the creation of looping music trend to every user.

How to appeal the music on Vine screen?

Now, you can select the song from your phone and tap the music file from app the screen, and the new Snap to Beat option searches that how much of the music has to include to make the non-stop loop, after that trim to fit into the video clip. Audio looping is famous in the Vine app that you can get possible rank. If you want to edit the audio file, first you need switch of the Snap to Beat. And this one helps to manage more feature like a sound file to Vine and finds to play the audio – In this way, adding a sound file into the Vine, it gives a powerful effect to play looping video with background sound.

While creating music in the Vine is a central part of the app, and also it brings a new searching facility on it. Once you create the Vine and adding music files, these are all available in the Features Tracks. From there you can give a clear audio file to your Vine or check out a new option and tap to view detail of the song.

The new discovery features are included on both iOS and Android devices, now you can update or download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Source: Vine for Android, iOS Via: Vine blog, techcrunch

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