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DaisyDisk Help You To Find And Delete Heavy Files On His Brilliant Ways

You think about always the available space on the disk drive, whenever you are storing files on your computer, you can find that storage space shows you no space. There is an additional option that you can keep carrying an external hard drive for your system device, sometimes it’s not a worthable to connect to your device. In the mean time what you will do in the next?

The only choice for finding and deleting huge files most of the users it caught cold feet, they don’t prefer to delete manually, DaisyDisk is the only Mac app makes you those easiest way releases space on hard disk. While adding the DaisyDisk on your Mac it cost just $ 9.99 from the Mac App Store. Well, doing this form action on your Mac that brings the files and folders into the PC.

DaisyDisk release v 4.0:

• Finally, brand new look-and-feel, matching the new OS style.

• Dramatically improved scanning speed – up to 20x times faster! Now scanning takes just a few seconds, not minutes as before*.

(*Depends on your disk and CPU models. The speed gain is most notable on newer SSDs and 4-core CPUs).

• Significantly reduced memory consumption.

• A few minor features and tweaks.

Note: All localizations except English have been temporarily removed in this version, to speed up our development. We will re-add them in future minor updates.

Source: DaisyDisk for Mac App Store

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