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Pixelmator Is Now Getting iOS 9 Support, Split Screen On iPad

Pixelmator is now accept a new version of iOS 9. The new update brings along with new operating system, which user take full advantage to use Split the screen when are using on iPad device, and open and edit the image with high resolution of 8K.

Lets you can try to edit the images the maximum of 50 megapixels for iPhone and iPad, indicating a Spotlight search to iOS devices through on Pixelmator image file, so you can get those results with faster.

Pixelmator new version 2.1:

Pixelmator for iOS 2.1 update includes support for iOS 9, multitasking on iPad via Split View and Slide Over, 8K resolution support, Open in Place and Save to Photos features, and more.

• Pixelmator now works great on the new iOS 9.
• Multitasking on iPad with Split View and Slide Over lets you use Pixelmator for iPad and any other app at the same time.
• Open and edit images in stunning 8K resolution.
• Open in Place feature lets you open Pixelmator images from anywhere you want and save the changes you make in the exact same place.
• Save to Photos lets you open an image from Photos and save the changes you make onto the same image without creating a copy.
• Copy Image lets you quickly copy the entire image composition to Clipboard.
• San Francisco is now the new user interface font.

One more option that you can find ”Open in Place” to open images from any place in the world and bring edit to save from exact location, you can bring ”Save to Photos” support you open the image from the photos and bring save the changes on the same place without making a duplicate. And now San Francisco is a new font on Pixelmator. That’s it.

Source: Pixelmator for iOS 

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