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Seen It for Chrome Extension Automatically Skips Imgur Images That You Already Viewed

There are millions of people are using images to view and share the best one of the followers. And we can give the best the record to the Imgur, Is the one taking his hot place from the top users. It takes some favorite social news web apps they are Reddit and Digg for community users. All we can say that searching images and GIFs are making entertainment, but watching again the same thing you will get bored on this segment. Seen It is a Chrome extension brings you to manage the imgur, if you have seen the images and you are moving into another image or gallery, the service automatically skips those items that you have almost seen. The extension not only care about it can control if you have seen more than one image, and it minimizes you to have to see a lot of images.

Once you have installed the extension on your Google Chrome browser, the icon it look like a handicraft monocle in the Omni bar, from there you can click it and open, the menu will be drop down. From there you can Enable skipping, Store images and Clear seen images.

The extension will collect those links of the images, that you have already seen and if you wish it will not allow you to check out those seen items. Until then, the service will follow the images from the URL links, and you are able to see any images they becomes in various of links. If you made setting directly, then you can’t skip those functions. That’s it.

Source: Seen It for Chrome Extension  Via: Addictivetips

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