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If you know very well or not, where Apple’s Move to iOS app arrived in Google Play Store, this is the first ever product was built for Android mobile users, the reason is this Android app can migrate your contacts, pictures, text messages, site bookmark and more it keep moving to iOS devices. But the diehard fans things about intruding on their home ground.

Now, the Google Play Store response with Stick With Android app.

The developer Jonatthias produced the app called by name Stick With Android on the Play Store. Here you can find the app description.

Everything about Android is designed to be easy. That includes sticking with it. With just one step, you can keep your content automatically and securely on your Android device with the Stick with Android app. No need to save your stuff elsewhere before sticking with Android. The Stick with
Android app securely keeps you away from switching to another (worse) platform.

If you find the app on Play Store, you can download and install within a second, because the app has included only a single button, you can read the inside the page ”Click here to stick with Android” Once you accept you will be staying on the same level on Android mobile. And you can make the program with non-stop doing your work without any iOS threats on your device.

If you check the user review very high in positive for Stick with Android whether to use Move to iOS. That’s it.

Source: Stick With Android  Via: BGR 

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