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Wenpcfg Displaying To Show or Hide Default Links In Windows Explorer

Check it out File Explorer in Windows, it has a ton of system links available through on the left side pane to get quick access wherever you want to place it on. The most of links come from the left hand side of panes that difficult to handle in such a location to hide or show permanently, anyway, the GitHub’s Wenpcfg is a short form of Windows Explorer Navigation Pane Configuration that will help you.

It is a command line app tool brings users to show or hide the hard coded links to put in the left hand side pane. Therefore Windows doesn’t have the optimal choices, you make easy process on them. This service comes perfect when you don’t want to access those system links on the sidebar you can choose whether to hide or show the links. That’s it. To know the full details about GitHub’s Wenpcfg click below the links.

Source: Wenpcfg for Windows  Via: Ghacks 

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