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Robinhood App Updates Cards Based Relevant Information for iPhone

A free stock trading Robinhood mobile app has released a huge update currently acceptable, that adding a cards and comprehension function onto the iPhone and iPad devices. When the Robinhood app was launched, the app, it moves into the lighter version and inexpensive stock service people who couldn’t afford to pay a minimum level of amount in the stock market.

Robinhood recent behaves it skips the cost amount was set up by local stock brokers when you start making trading through online using with PC in place of finding brokers. The new feature Cards presenting to the users to know the statistic and relevant details of events, and get financial guidance from the stock market experts.

The cards will be suitable to get the information tailored to the users. While swiping the cards you can view the stocks to know the profit or losses, news, collect every update about the buy stocks, transfers the amount and compensation.

What’s new in this version 5.0.2:

Hi Robinhoodies! Here’s what’s under the hood in our latest update:

– Introducing Cards, an entirely new way to interact with Robinhood. Simply swipe through cards to view updates about your bank transfers, top movers, breaking news, dividend payments, and more.
– View after-hours market data
– Quickly access the FAQ Center and contact Support without leaving Robinhood
– View breaking news stories, recent orders, and a portfolio diversity graph on stock-specific screens
– Push notifications bring you directly to the related screen in Robinhood. Notified about an order? Tap the notification to view the order right away!
– View scheduled and paid dividends in an all-new screen
– Substantially decreased the size of the app

Robinhood helps you to find deeper investments to know about the information every single stocks that you purchased, so you can study about the investments through from the Robinhood. You have an option to read the latest news about stocks and you stand behind with. It can possible to view the history and diversity. You can get the compensation, direct to your account and More.

At the moment, the Cards are now available on iOS app and later it goes to the Android mobile device.

Source: Robinhood for iOS,  Android Via: Robinhood Blog 

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