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Want to Translate Text? Copy & Paste from Media Files With Copyfish Extension

Copyfish extension is an OCR (optical character recognition) file format for Google chrome extension, that follow the Project Naptha – but it takes different idea and new features that the Project Naptha doesn’t provide such amount of function.

In this extension, you may find some highest of level of options that Copyship deliver when you enable the extension on your Chrome extension using with you can select the text from video, PDF document as well. And also you may get the text from the images. But using Project Naptha only can do the maximum level of text grabs from the images.

One more simple task from Copyfish, if you want to make instant translation. So how you will know the different language that was written in the text format? Think about watching YouTube video you may find the video deliver international language, but it’s not your well know the language, even you don’t understand what it was written on the video file. If you want to make translate, Copyfish will identify the text and immediately translate at the same time.

Once you install the Copyfish extension it will sit on the Chrome address bar just click the icon to start. Before you translate the extension ask you to get permission to read every text on the websites that you every time visiting. While you are hitting icon the extension display the overlay screen on the window and allow you draw the rectangle shape around the text that you need to make extract the text from the media files on the web.

Finally, the result will get the right corner of the bottom the translated text as copied from the image which is available on the top of the extension. The text box surrounded with redo, recapture and copy to clipboard on the selection page.

When you use Copyfish on your Chrome extension it brings the text easily from the media that changing into the text you can easily copy and fix it on your compute PC. It’s a good news for all those who want to translate the text from the image, video and PDF it’s a perfect software if you want to try it. That’s it.

Source: Copyfish for Chrome Extension Via: Ghacks 

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