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XKit Is A Browser Extension for Tumblr Blog

It’s all happening on your Tumblr blog, you can bring the features to your own website that makes you much designer look and not required anything else. If any service that was ignored by the blog, you can find those issues, a free browser extension was named XKit is an extension framework for microblogging Tumblr that may suddenly increase the some of amount of options. This extension carries more than forty plus extensions are included in one single extension that will enhance your own Tumblr blog. It brings Reblog, Blacklist, dashboard, block the post and more. It comes much easier to enabling every single feature, and this program allows Chrome, Firefox,and Opera users.

Once you install the XKit, before make sure the compatible operating system, whether it is Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Before you visit the Tumblr blog, first try to open the XKit and give restart your preferred browser.

Now, XKit icon available on Tumblr navigate and find the XKit click to open the control panel. It has four levels of extensions to know very well about running things: XInbox, One-Click Postage, One-Click Reply and Tweaks.


XInbox allows you to tag posts before posting them, and see all your messages at once, and lets you delete multiple messages at once using the Mass Editor mode. To use this mode, go to your Inbox and click on the Mass Editor Mode button on your sidebar, click on the messages you want to delete then click the Delete Messages button

One-Click Postage:

Lets you easily reblog, draft and queue posts.

One-Click Reply:

To use this extension, hover over a notification and click on the Reply button. If Multi-Reply is on, hold down the ALT key while clicking on the Reply button to select/deselect posts and reply to all of them at once.


These are small little tweaks that allows you customize your dashboard. If you have used XKit 6, you will notice that some of the extensions have been moved here as options you can toggle. Keep in mind that some of the tweaks (the ones marked with a ‘*’) can slow down your computer.

If you don’t want those extensions on your Tumblr, XKit will disconnect or permanently removes that features through from My XKit tab from the starting. You can receive a new extension without asking any update anymore, and XKit stands behind with customization for any extension that you want to add it on Tumblr. When you use XKit, it’s doesn’t ask you to pay for the extension it comes free of charge and also open source framework. It brings you to create your own extension or find out the issues where it was laid down.

Source: XKit for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS   Via: Guiding Tech 

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