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If anyone of you have Windows 10 operating system that you save downloaded files directly in Download folder, and you find many of us carrying their folders and files on the desktop. And also you may find many Windows users they use the Gigabyte space only to save each and every file and folders on your computer. It can possible that you can move those documents and folders from Windows or your computer disk out of space.

You may just find out those download files and folders, their images, music files are situated on Windows 10. If your disk full of content, you can move your folders to any other disk which is already having a partition on Windows. While deciding to move any folders you Windows never support from out of the application. Well, using the upgrade on to Windows 10 it never goes to building and move those files easily on to. So moving those files and folders to relocate another disk drive where you can get a plenty of free space naturally will get immediately.

Here you can understand to relocate the files and folders on Windows 10:

Open–>File Explorer–>taskbar or Start menu. After that you can find Desktop, Download, Documents and Picture and more are available under Quick access. You can select any option giving right click to move your files and folders to another Disk drive at the end and click Properties. For example: you can select a Desktop folder–>Right Click–> Properties- >Location–>Move–> Select Folder–>Apply the button to replace the folder into the new disk drive.

If you want to get back in the same position, restore is the option that brings back your originality of every folder. Same method when you move those folders, but slightly got some changes in Windows 10 they are click the Restore Default button.

Basically, this method is very simple that comes in handy on to you. It’s not asking to install any third party program. Once you are done the process literally you will realize the changes on disk gettings a little bit change with free space.

Via: Into Windows 

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