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CloudMagic, A Mobile Email App Is Now Available On Mac OS X

Image Credit: CloudMagic

Where you need to calculate plenty of email accounts on the way, you can’t beat the CloudMagic app. You can find everything what you want from them as email. And you can bring some popular email very easily on board. Before this you find on your iOS mobile and now you can access on your Mac device.

In 2013, Novemeber, the CloudMagic app was a new entry on Android and iOS mobile devices. Until now, the app has more than three million users in their pocket. The app itself has simple and distinctive UI and help the most of the email clients, and added tons of features, app settings, which brings the connection to many third party apps like Evernote, Todoist, Dropbox and more.

When you start working every work project that save into the CloudMagic server, which it blow out your email very faster. As you have to know this CloudMagic are famous for mobile email client and it is an owner of Mac users. If you are using CloudMagic on your mobile then this for Mac device.

This app keeps moving any of your emails between OS X to iOS mobile devices and the app never stop you in between in the process. It can support multiple email accounts and settings to sync between the devices. The app never gives you any choice to set manually the accounts. All you have to through CloudMagic sign in and that’s it.

CloudMagic bring some useful stuff, where you can easily access on your Mac device, which it comes in the line Unread box, Quick filters, Multiple email, HTML signatures, save battery moving every email in the cloud, allowing to print emails, shortcut keywords and more.

Source: CloudMagic for Mac  Via: CultofMac

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