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Try Gmail's Hidden Colored Stars to Setup Prime Emails

You don’t have to worry about Gmail Inbox to make more beautiful emails. It has plenty of visible and invisible features available some of well organized and very few we have to give some touch up, One of this Gmail’s Colored Stars for emails.

In most of cases, I use to indicate the most important email with color stars, this one keeps live whenever you want to view again, you can easily can search and get back those emails. You have to know there are most colored stars available on Gmail settings, we all mostly use Yellow color stars only. If you want to include the rest of colored stars (Red, Orange, Purple, green, and Blue) your Gmail account settings give you a few more. They are red-bang, orange-guillement, yellow-bang, green-check, blue info and purple question.

This can useful for you to make differentiate your emails, whenever you need to review the email in timing you can hold easily on their own way. In this feature, you just can indicate particular email, you can’t make the email personalize with colored stars.

To set-up the colored stars in Gmail Inbox, Click the Settings on the right hand side of a corner, from there click the down arrow near to cog wheel and choose the Settings–>General–>Stars. If you want to continue with Google presets then select 1 star, 4 stars and all stars.

Instead of, you can choose drag and drop of each colored star from ”Not in use” to ”In use’‘ it means that you can get a number of selected stars that you want or not. Once you have done successfully scroll down the Settings page and Click to Save the changes. This will be applied on to the Google Inbox.

If you want to add a star on particular message you can easily add the star, clicking the empty star icon the yellow star will come as a default and again clicking on the same way the next color star will be applies. This one is going to be interesting when you choose email its lineup with different colors. That’s it.

Via: PCworld

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