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Clibor Is A Portable Freeware Help You to Manage Clipboard Data from Windows 10

When you are using Clipboard in Windows operating system it never bring changes and stay as it is, that come big issue those who need ultimately to copy and paste on everyday supporting. Without depends if Windows 10 can boost more than one times. Clibor is a freeware program, whoever using Windows support computer can manage and store the history in Clipboard. When you are trying to save those Clipboard text and also it saves through on to Clibor for forthcoming access. When you are this Clibor on your Windows 10, it can save more thousand items on the clipboard, and also the application can sort out items, add phrases, memos and Unicode. This program recommending you to easily type, copy and paste and also add text and so much you want it from them.

Clibor is a simple and easy to access only the text, it means, if you copied pictures or anything else on clipboard will not brings up. While moving into the program settings, you can clear the stored history or from the clipboard. And also you can bring back those clear items doing backup or restore those text. More than one copying the items the Clibor doesn’t allow you it’s standard format.

Source: Clibor for Windows 

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