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How to Enable PIN Lock Remotely on Windows 10 Mobile Device

Sometimes, It’s difficult to secure your mobile from intruders, when the device is unlocked that anyone can access easily your data there is no guarantee for security. Whether your device completely locked out or someone lost or hide your device. Micorsoft’s Windows 10 mobile phone has remote access feature, it is a latest option you can do with this several function, especially you can secure your mobile phone.

When you are using Microsoft account online, you can set a 6-digit PIN to lock the device and anyone trying to break those online chain. This not only for locking, and also it will support to find the location. Even your device locked out or can’t memorize the password and you can reset those PIN from the lock screen.

Open any of your web browser.

Search Microsoft Account and you can use the one you are using on your Windows 10 mobile.

On your mobile device, click on ”Find my phone” link that you want to lock remotely.

Following Find my phone, click the Lock button.

Type 6-digit PIN code.

Finally, Click the ”Lock” button to finish.

If you want to bring the old PIN password in Windows 10 mobile.

Here are the few steps:

In Windows 10 phones, open the settings app.

Tap the Accounts–> Sign-in options–> PIN –> Click Change –> Under Change your PIN –> enter your active PIN passcode and new PIN –> Click the ”OK” button to exit.

Via: Windowscentral         Image CreditGabriel Flores Romero / Flickr

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