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How to Restore Stored User Names and Passwords on Windows 10

Your Windows desktop or laptop can store your login credentials for different servers, sites, and variety of programs. When you visit again the previous location, your Windows will remember usernames and passwords profile on your system device to make perform automatically. On your Windows 10, the Stored User Names and Passwords can help you to keep securely usernames and passwords for various function on your device. Here you know restore Stored User Names and Passwords in Windows 10.

The site TheWindowsClub point out very clearly, To enter Stored User Names and Passwords in Windows, to copy and paste below command line on Search the Web and Windows:

rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr

The Stored User Names and Passwords box will open on your computer.

To add new user names and passwords, click the Add button and the ”Stored Credential Properties” box will open and there you have to type the name of server or site, and the username and password where you are going to use on your system device.

If you want to delete those credential you can select and click on Remove button. Where you want to change the password just click the edit button. This user names and password where to support you for a server, site and anything else. Otherwise, you can choose to backup or restore to save user names and passwords.

Via: TheWindowsClub

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