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Simply You Can Shutdown PC With Slide on Windows 10

When you perform shutdown on your Windows 10 computer, you have an option through Start Menu button, after that your device turns off the system power, doing regularly this way you may get some time bored. Recently, Windows 10 operating system behaves some thing different that using slide option. When you are handling this way little handy, for this you need to setup some feature on Windows 10 support computer.

Actually, Windows has some feature that you can’t access easily, because those options are hidden away. For this you need to create those shortcuts on your desktop to use Slide function.

Makeuseof finds the tack ticks through desktop shortcut. Here you can know every much about this platform.

On the desktop find an empty space and give right click and select New–>Shortcut. After that paste the below code on empty text field box.


Click the Next button and type a new name for the shortcut. This shortcut you can move into a Task bar or leave them on the desktop. When you want to turn off the system just load the shortcut file that’s it. And you may find the Slide to make a shutdown screen that opens on the top. Now, you can check your computer device power completely turned off. That’s it.

Via: Makeuseof 

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